life 101 hacks: dealing with crossroads

Halo, guys. Lama banget ya rasanya after my last post!

Jadi gini, nih. 

This post is going to turn out a little different than the ones I did before, so there will be a bit of a mixture between my language in writing.

Please let me know if you prefer me writing this way so I’ll know if my writing style could benefit, entertain, or enlighten you in a way it has never before, yah!

*apa seh gajelas hahaha*

Aku lagi-lagi habis dengerin podcast. Thirty Days Of Lunch, tentunya. And it by far had such a level of relevance that had me clicked, like: oh well dang. Bener juga, ya apa yang diomongin ama narasumber Kak Ruby dan Mas Aryo kali ini. 

Here’s a little bit of an insight of what the podcast was talking about:

Life during encounters of crossroads, as in, the middle-roads where we are not exactly sure of what we want to do in the moment, or where we should go next. Most of the time disini mereka bicarain soal karir, kali ya. Seseorang yang disodorin pilihan untuk bantu meneruskan bisnis orang tua, atau ngejalanin passion dia.

So, bisnis orang tua yang udah berjalan lama dan udah jelas sistem dan sumber revenue-nya (bisa allow you to make ends meet, deh pokoknya), atau… Passion kamu yang still very unclear and risky to pursue, without guaranteed financial stability?

Mereka juga sempet touch on ikigai, diagram Japanese yang mainstream namun relevan banget regarding passion, mission, profession, and vocation. Dan banyak lagi interesting topics they touched on that I’m sure have soothed their listeners who are currently hovering on their twenties. 

Nah, hari ini aku mau sharing dikit, to focus a little more on the “crossroad” part where sometimes a person’s identity is being questioned- what am I supposed to do with all these possible options? What are the outcomes of choosing one and disregarding the other? Should I just not choose at all and find a middle ground that results from a combination of the choices I am striken with? 

Kali dari cerita kecil aja, ya. Moga gampang dicerna nih bahasanya. 

A few days ago, a close friend of mine asked me if I wanted to watch this new movie, “Aladdin” along with several few others. Wah, gila. Siapa yang ga kepingin nonton live-action adaptation dari film yang dulu sering dijadiin makanan sehari-hari sejak kecil? Throwback banget, ga sih. Ya seneng banget, lah kalau diajak nonton, apalagi juga aku orangnya jarang banget jalan-jalan rame gitu. Kesempatan untuk nonton bareng kayak gini juga jarang-jarang.

In short, without hesitation, I said yes.

Tapi setelah itu, di tengah-tengah hari sebelum acaranya, aku sempet jaga toko camera-nya my parents… Ditambah lagi, my father being on a business trip to Japan, which leaves to my mom yang all alone di toko kerjain semuanya without his company.

Akhirnya, sorenya aku pun cancelled the plans with my friend untuk nonton ini, and told him the reason why I couldn’t come- I was needed at the shop to help. Yah, dasar aku-nya ekspresif, dia ngira aku harus bisa karena aku dari awal showed an amount of excitement yang menurut dia somewhat harus difollow-up dengan cara ikut.

Akhirnya konflik lagi, deh. 

Ngga sama dia doang, but sama diri aku juga.

Benernya ini salah satu dari sekian banyaknya “crossroads” yang aku alamin lately, one of the simplest ones to experience yet. Itu aja buat aku galau setengah mati. Banyak banget keputusan-keputusan yang mungkin buat orang lain remeh, tapi signifkan- that led me to the person I am today.

Dan kalau mau aku jujur, tujuan aku nulis ini cuman satu, sih: refleksi.

Oh, ternyata setelah noleh ke belakang, aku dah nyampe sejauh ini. I’ve gotten so far to the point where I sometimes laugh at my 15-18 year old self yang naif banget *that is not to say that I am now ‘mature’ enough to make clear-cut, well-rounded decisions*, cuman ya… Gimana-gimana lucu ngga, sih throwback ke your old self and make fun of her for the lousy things she’s done? Huahaha.

Gitu aja sih ehehe. Jangan panjang-panjang, lah ya. Tar dikira cerewet. 🙂

I hope whoever stumbles upon this, yang lagi ngalamin crossroads at any possible stage in life- hang in there. Partly the reason why I found listening to this particular podcast soothing was because of one of the things the candidate said regarding this subject in matter: someday bakalan ada orang yang dateng ke kamu dengan set of problems yang sama, and you’re going to be there to offer your perspective, and shed some light to that person’s addlebrained state. Keren, ngga sih? I think it’s heartwarming to know you’re at an uncomfortable state for a purpose. Sometimes memang khilaf juga sih, bawaannya nyambat mulu when faced in a difficult situation to choose in between choices yang ingin kamu ambil semuanya, but can’t.

Though, I urge you: cheer up! Katanya sih kalo berhasil get through it, hal-hal susah, njengkelin, buat stress, and agitating bakal very rewarding in the end.

Katanya, lho ya.

But in the mean time:

keep going aja.

Rock your stage. You’ll do tremendously.

Very well, I’ll best be on my way.

Oh ya. Sekedar mengingatkan:

post ini ngga bermaksud untuk “nge-lecture”, “ngguruin”, “pamer”, atau gimana.

Cuma refleksi.

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mentioned above:

Thirty Days Of Lunch Podcast #15 – Life At The Crossroad with Ivandeva (Also: Failures & Major Life Questions)

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