Hi there. My name happens to be Janice Kariyadi, and my current specialties include: writing, reading, learning from mistakes, business plans, emotional eating, and daydreaming. 

I’ve always wanted to start a blog on my own, and therefore reminiscence here is where I manage myself to pour all the thoughts, feels, opinions, stories, and/or experiences coming from me personally.

I love books. And reviewing them. Perhaps that’s probably the main reason why you’ll find a lot of them being published down here. I also love travelling, and communicating positive, empowering, messages across through my writing which you should also find quite a lot of them being written here as well.

To cut chase, I do hope you’ll find yourselves enjoying how I do things around here, as I constantly try my best to provide all sorts of unique and interesting content being posted on this site as often as I can.

Do find me on social media, if you wish to know me better as a person for I would very much love to meet you too! Or you may also email me (cordelia.scott28@gmail.com) for inquiries to work with. I won’t bite.

So I guess I’ll see you around,